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Kelly was born and raised in Albany, New York. She traveled a lot being part of hippy parents. Kelly says” I think I am who I am because I had such a laid back environment”. Her drive and outgoing personality speak city but her loving heart speak country upstate girl. Proud of her mixed nationality (Colombian/Armenian/German) she has an exotic look with a girl next door flair.
Kelly Kole was always interested in the world of acting and modeling, but never realized that dream to its full potential until her dreams actually started coming true. With personal friends like Playboy model Victoria Zdrok, and B-Movie actress Darian Caine as well as close ties with family and friends there is never a shortage of exciting projects on the rise. Calendars, greeting cards, music videos and the best is still to come!

Kelly Kole was 1998 Miss Hawaiian Tropic New. But her work in the entertainment industry started quite young. She was exposed to dance at four years old she performed jazz, tap, and ballet. From there she went onto Baton and rifle guard twirling. She was into gymnastics for a few years and was an active swimmer since two months when her parents put her in aqua babies. She went onto teach children in pop warner cheerleading. She also cheerleaded in high school and college. During all these years she competed in several beauty pageants. Some of her acting scholarships were awarded to her there.

She is quite down to earth loving to work with the already established artists as well as the new and aspiring. The love of the whole development of art is something that she really strives. Kelly says I don’t mind working with those just developing because I get to see them become something that they want to become. I was at that point once too and someone believed in me.

Kelly being fortunate to get placed as a principal on The Sopranos third season last year as Debbie, who was a Bada Bing girl. Got her lots of exposure it lead to the layout with Playboy for their National US issue, August 2001, to the various International Issues, Spain, France, Italia, Croatia, and Hungary. From that she did the new ad campaign for Crowne Royale liquor to be released. You can see her in various articles in Jane magazine and greeting cards to be released this spring. Kelly also wants to continue her career. Kelly says The exposure from Playboy and the HBO hit show The Sopranos has given me the lift and motivation to go full force in my career. I want to do more than just sexy roles. I want to expand my talent to theatre and other various film roles.” Life has been good and getting better. Working with people and seeing all the new things that can be created artistically as a talent, model and behind the scenes director or photographer.

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